Dr. Joseph W. Walker, III is regarded as a very successful motivational and keynote speaker. Recognized as a man from humble beginnings, he is a teacher, author, humanitarian, philanthropist, businessman, community leader and pastor. Dr. Walker has written and taught extensively on Relationships, Intimacy, Purpose and Destiny. In June 2009, Dr. Walker released his book, Life Between Sundays, a first-person account of his own intimate experience with an unexpected setback, the death of his beloved wife, Diane. Dr. Walker wraps his extraordinary insights around the story of Diane’s remarkable life; her extended battle with stomach cancer and undeterred faith, in spite of the prognosis. As Dr. Walker retells and illuminates this often sobering and profoundly moving story, we are shown how a person of great faith can reach the outer limits of human vulnerability, question the existence of God and nearly relinquish hope, but then find supreme comfort in ultimately realizing it all serves a greater purpose.

In May 2009, Dr. Walker married the former Dr. Stephaine Hale. On his new marriage, “I loved her before I had even met her in person. She was presented to me and I was blessed to see her inner beauty “bone of my bone” before I saw her outward beauty, “flesh of my flesh”. This was truly what Adam experienced in Genesis.”

Dr. Walker’s latest book, Love and Intimacy: Five Ways to Get Together and Stay Together, will help you prepare for a healthy relationship between a man and woman founded on biblical principles, intended to glorify God and live out God’s purpose for the two people who have become one flesh.

As a keynote speaker, Dr. Walker has received rave reviews on the dynamic, fresh speeches and presentations that have lead him all around the world. A riveting storyteller, Dr. Walker breaks concepts down to a level that any listener can relate to and identify with, and his blend of style, enthusiasm, humor and authenticity captivates audiences. Dr. Walker has been featured on multiple Christian and mainstream publications and various media platforms, both nationally and internationally. He was also a cast member of The Bible Experience and is a part of the 2010 film, Black, White and Blues, directed by award-winning actor Mario Van Peebles. Additionally, he often speaks at commencement addresses and on behalf of The American Red Cross and The American Cancer Society.
In the summer of 2010, Dr. Walker launched the highly anticipated “Women’s Night Out” Tour. The Tour exists to expose and discuss the root causes of failed human relationships and encourages behavioral, psychological and spiritual transformations in the lives of the audience. He will speak on topics such as love, intimacy, relationships, self-esteem and personal growth.